5 Minute Stories

Автор: Miles Kelly
Мова: Англійська
Рік видання: 2017
Обкладинка: М`яка
Вік: 5+
Сторінок: 384

Ціна300,00 грн.
Ціна / кг:
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Five-minute Stories is a bumper book for children aged 5+, bringing together charming tales to entertain and delight. With more than 85 stories, each taking about five minutes to read, this book is ideal for parents to share with young children starting to recognise words. The easy-to-read text also allows independent readers or older children to read aloud with confidence. The book is split into ten themed sections: Wise Folk, Trickery and Mischief, Animal Antics, Girls and Boys, Royal Adventures, Fantastic Journeys, Good Deeds, Favourite Tales, Fun and Nonsense and Magic and Mystery.


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